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A1 Assessors Award the Principles and Requirements of...

A1 Assessors Award 2011 Understand the principles and requirements of assessment 1.1 Assessment is used as a tool for marking and grading in a practical environment and can be used to motivate by on-going improvement of the task, creating learning opportunities and to give feedback. It also allows students the chance to work at their own speed to produce the best product, when it is felt that they are competent in the task to be assessed. This is measured against the tasks listed in aims and objectives of lesson plan and should, Help learners to achieve their full potential and enable learners to achieve the standard required for their course. Encourage learners to develop independent learning skills and identify any further support†¦show more content†¦* Assessment requires attention to outcomes and processes Information about the outcomes students have achieved is very important to know where each student ends up, but so too is knowing about their experiences along the way and, in particular, the kind of effort that led to these outcomes. * Assessment for improved performance involves feedback and reflection. All assessment methods should allow students to receive feedback on their learning and performance so assessment serves as a developmental activity aimed at improving student learning. Assessment should also provide students and staff with opportunities to reflect on both their practice and their learning overall. 1.3 Responsibilities of the assessor The Assessor is responsible for assessing the NVQ. The assessor works with and inducting the candidate into the NVQ and explaining what needs to be done and identifying any additional requirements. Setting and modifying learning targets throughout the year. Planning assessments and undertaking a range of assessment activities. Providing constructive feedback to the candidate concerning his or her competence and progress. To record assessments and review progress, ensuring that the candidate has submitted enough evidence to allow internal verification to be carried out effectively. To maintain their own technical and vocational competencies, in the areas which they are assessing and to contributeShow MoreRelatedAssessment and Quality Assurance Essay examples1221 Words   |  5 PagesTraining, Assessment, Quality Assurance (6317) Qualification Information Policy Statement It has come to our attention that the acronym TAQA has been adopted by a private training provider as their compa ny name. The TAQA acronym has been used by City Guilds since early in 2010 to represent the group of Training Assessment and Quality Assurance qualifications which were launched in September 2010. City Guilds has no relationship with the training provider and does not in any way endorse theirRead MoreCG Assessor Award Handbook Essay20565 Words   |  83 PagesLevel 3 4 Awards Certificates in Assessment and Quality Assurance Qualification handbook for centres 6317 6317-30, 6317-31, 6317-32, 6317-33, 6317-40, 6317-41, 6317-42 February February 2011 Version 1.3 ( February 2011) About City Guilds City Guilds is the UK’s leading provider of vocational qualifications, offering over 500 awards across a wide range of industries, and progressing from entry level to the highest levels of professional achievement. With over 8500Read MoreLearning and Social Care Essay examples30870 Words   |  124 Pagesrelease form and are the exclusive property of CACHE. They are protected under the copyright law and can not be reproduced, copied or manipulated in any form. This includes the use of any image or part of an image in individual or group projects and assessment materials. Qualification reference number: CACHE Level 3 Diploma for the Children and Young People’s Workforce 500/8887/7 Published in Great Britain by CACHE First edition – July 2010 Second edition – May 2011 Third edition – DecemberRead More6570 02 L2 NVQ Diploma Qualification Handbook V217554 Words   |  127 PagesALIFICAT ION HAN D B O OK Level 2 NVQ Diploma in Trowel Occupations (Construction) (6570-02) May 2014 Version 2.0 Qualification at a glance Subject area Trowel Occupations (Construction) City Guilds number 6570 Age group approved 16-18,19+ Assessment Portfolio of evidence Support materials Centre handbook Candidate logbook Registration and certification Consult the Walled Garden/Online Catalogue for last dates Title and level Level 2 NVQ Diploma in Trowel Occupations (Construction) VersionRead MoreLeadership for Health and Social Care and Children65584 Words   |  263 Pages(England) (3978-51/52/53/54/55/56) December 2011 Version 2.1 (July 2011) Qualification at a glance Subject area City Guilds number Age group approved Entry requirements Assessment Fast track Level 5 Diploma in Leadership for Health and Social Care and Children and Young People’s Services (England) 3978 19+ There are no entry requirements Portfolio of Evidence, Practical Demonstration/Assignment. Automatic approval is available for centres offering the 3172 Level 4 NVQ in Health and Social CareRead MoreAward In Education Training 650231182 Words   |  105 Pagesï » ¿Award in Education and Training (City and Guilds 6502) Level 3 ‘RESOURCE PACK B’ Assignment construction kit This belongs to: ‘Andragogic Education’ - Aned Ltd. 11 Church Road, Great Bookham. KT233PB Contents Page Constructing your Award in Education and Training portfolio 3 Guide to writing Award in Education and Training answers 3 4 Assessment record form 6 A) Unit 301 – requirements and assessment criteria 9 B) Unit 302 – requirements and assessment criteria 18 Read MorePerformance Appraisal17716 Words   |  71 PagesPERFORMANCE APPRAISAL OBJECTIVES OF PERFORMANCE APPRAISAL PERFORMANCE APPRAISAL AND COMPETITIVE ADVANTAGE APPRAISAL PROCESS METHODS OF APPRAISAL MANAGEMENT BY BJECTIVES(MBO) LARSEN AND TOUBRO, HUMAN RESOURCE DEVELOPMENT— PERFORMANCE APPRAISAL SYSTEM ASSESSMENT CENTRES 360-DEGREE FEEDBACK APPRAISE THE PERFORMANCE PERFORMANCE INTERVIEW GUIDELINES FOR EFFECTIVE APPRAISAL INTERVIEW PAGE NO 2-3 2. 3. 4-5 6-7 4. 8-11 5. 6. 7. 8. 12-29 30-41 42-43 44--46 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 47-49 50Read MoreStrategic Human Resource Management View.Pdf Uploaded Successfully133347 Words   |  534 Pagessuperior human resources. There is little doubt that organizations will need to invest heavily in their human resources in order to be competitive during the twenty-first century. Management scholar Edward Lawler has described these investment requirements as follows: To be competitive, organizations in many industries must have highly skilled, knowledgeable workers. They must also have a relatively stable labor force since employee turnover works directly against obtaining the kind of coordinationRead MoreStephen P. Robbins Timothy A. Judge (2011) Organizational Behaviour 15th Edition New Jersey: Prentice Hall393164 Words   |  1573 PagesConflicts 21 †¢ Creating a Positive Work Environment 22 †¢ Improving Ethical Behavior 22 Coming Attractions: Developing an OB Model 23 An Overview 23 †¢ Inputs 24 †¢ Processes 25 †¢ Outcomes 25 Summary and Imp lications for Managers 30 S A L Self-Assessment Library How Much Do I Know About Organizational Behavior? 4 Myth or Science? â€Å"Most Acts of Workplace Bullying Are Men Attacking Women† 12 An Ethical Choice Can You Learn from Failure? 24 glOBalization! Does National Culture Affect OrganizationalRead MoreFundamentals of Hrm263904 Words   |  1056 Pages With WileyPLUS: Students achieve concept mastery in a rich, structured environment that’s available 24/7 Instructors personalize and manage their course more effectively with assessment, assignments, grade tracking, and more manage time better study smarter save money From multiple study paths, to self-assessment, to a wealth of interactive visual and audio resources, WileyPLUS gives you everything you need to personalize the teaching and learning experience.  » F i n d o u t h ow t o M

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Analysis Of The Poem The Flea By John Donne - 1033 Words

Molyka Sir October 22, 2015 AP Language Mr. McDermot Permissible Acknowledgement I feel Robert Frost’s statement, â€Å"the one permissible way of saying one thing and meaning another†, is heavily utilized within Poetry. Poets, like Mr. Frost, practiced this to confuse our minds into pondering on the subject matter as well as to offset our assumed understandings therefore allowing us to explore other possible conclusions. Robert Frost’s definition of poetry is undoubtedly accurate as proven by analysis of other poet’s works where his insight had noticeable influence. For example, in the poem, â€Å"The Flea†, by John Donne, initially it referred to a flea biting the speaker but as the reader proceeds further the perspective changes from this flea into the larger picture, which is a humorous little debate whether the speaker and his beloved will partake in premarital sex or not. Donne chose to word the poem in a format very similar to Frost’s definition of poetry. Donne begins using the flea as an analogy and this translat es into the persuasive diction where the speaker trying to tempt his beloved as seen in this excerpt from the poem, â€Å"How little that which thou deniest me is; It sucked me first, and now sucks thee, and in this flea our two bloods mingled be; Thou know’st that this cannot be said a sin, nor shame, nor loss of maidenhead.† The speaker is telling his lover to pay attention to the flea and to take heed of â€Å"how little† that in which she denies him is. He says the fleaShow MoreRelated Analysis of the Poem, The Flea by John Donne Essay492 Words   |  2 PagesAnalysis of the Poem â€Å"The Flea† by John Donne   Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Poets have often used symbols to convey deeper messages that they were either too afraid or felt that normal language lacked the power to express. Often when a symbol is used, the reader digs deeper into the issue more than if the message was simply shot out in the open. These symbols and metaphors can be used to portray beautiful things, or could be used to create a more compelling argument in a more subtle way.   Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  In the poem â€Å"The Flea†Read MoreThe Flea By John Donne1558 Words   |  7 Pagesâ€Å"The Flea† Essay â€Å"The Flea† by John Donne when looked at briefly is simply a poem about a man trying to seduce a woman into participating in pre-material sexual relationship with him. However, â€Å"The Flea† constructs many more important arguments than simply that one. The poem touches on religion, love, and sex in a non-romanticized way, contrasting the normal glamorized stance seen in most of poetry. Most of John Donne’s poems have either romantic themes or religious themes; â€Å"The Flea† has both. ItRead More Attitude Towards Love in Valentine and The Flea Essay1660 Words   |  7 PagesThrough Close Analysis of Language, Structure and Theme, Compare and Contrast the Poets Attitude Towards Love in Valentine and The Flea. The two poems Valentine and The Flea are about the two different ways in which the poets portray their views about love, however the poems are still linked in a few ways. The Flea was published in the seventeenth century and was written by John Donne. Valentine was published in 1983 and was written by Carol Ann Duffy. Both poems are addressedRead MoreThe Metaphysical Conceit in Donnes Poems1198 Words   |  5 PagesDonne’s Poems â€Å"The Flea† and â€Å"A Valediction† are poems by John Donne that were written in the 17th Century. These poems incorporate the fundamental of something called a metaphysical conceit. Interesting though, both poems use the metaphysical conceit to tell a story about two very opposite situation between two â€Å"partners†. â€Å"The Flea’s† metaphysical conceit is stretched along a lustful, passionate, relationship between two individuals. â€Å"A Valediction’s† metaphysical conceit follows Donne askingRead MoreTHE MAIN FEATURES OF THE METAPHYSICAL POETRY ILLUSTRATED BY JOHN DONNE1637 Words   |  7 Pages ILLUSTRATED BY JOHN DONNE The term metaphysical poetry is used to describe a certain type of 17th century poetry. Metaphysical poetry is concerned with the whole experience of man. It means that the poetry is about showing knowledge and thoughts from different areas of experience, especially about love, romantic and sensual; about mans relationship with God and about pleasure, learning and art. Metaphysical poems are lyric poems characterised by use of wit, irony andRead More A Structural and Vocabulary Analysis of John Donnes The Flea1267 Words   |  6 PagesA Structural and Vocabulary Analysis of John Donnes The Flea In his poem The Flea, John Donne shows his mastery in creating a work in which the form and the vocabulary have deliberately overlapping significance. The poem can be analyzed for the prominence of threes that form layers of multiple meanings within its three stanzas. In each of the three stanzas, key words can be examined to show (through the use of the OED) how Donne brilliantly chose them because of the various connotationsRead MoreEssay about Love in Valentine and The Flea2324 Words   |  10 PagesValentine and The Flea Through a close analysis of language, structure and theme, compare and contrast the poets attitude to love in Valentine and The Flea. The poem The Flea is about a man trying to cunningly argue a woman into bed. John Donnes The Flea was a metaphysical poem, written most probably, to entertain an audience of men; this was called a coterie, which was a group of like-minded individuals who cleverly wrote for each others amusement. This poem was written sometimeRead MoreThe s Coy Mistress By Andrew Marvell And The Flea1919 Words   |  8 PagesThe representation of sexual pleasure and intercourse throughout â€Å"To His Coy Mistress† by Andrew Marvell and â€Å"The Flea† by John Donne functions as a way to present, confirm and refute the traditional stereotypical view of carpe diem love poetry. The speakers within both poems aim to â€Å"seize the day† by wooing and taking advantage of women and their virginity and sexuality. They not only want to take advantage of the time they have but also make sure they do not regret not doing anything in the futureRead More Social Context in the Poetry of John Donne Essay example1671 Words   |  7 PagesSocial Context in the Poetry of John Donne Contemporary literary theory has thoroughly debunked the traditional view of the artist as a divinely inspired, completely original and creative individual. This view has been replaced with the more apt view of the author as a product of his or her environment and the existing discourses of the society in which he or she lives. In this new attitude toward the writer as a product of society, the author is considered, according to Dr. James E. PorterRead MoreA Brief Description of the Concept of Courtly Love1200 Words   |  5 Pagespart plays its role in the scenario. Nevertheless, I will keep Capellanus’ definition for the later analysis of the poetry of John Donne in order to clarify which aspects of courtly love may be represented in his verse. John Donne has largely been considered by scholars to be the most original of the metaphysical poets from the seventeenth century. â€Å"He [Donne] affects the metaphysics†, says the poet John Dryden, â€Å"not only in his satires, but in his amorous verses, where nature only should reign; and

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Racial Prejudice Free Essays

Racial Prejudice It Is human nature to want to feel accepted. Prejudice In the United States, specifically with Immigration has been a major Issue. Julie Toasts describes this prejudice in â€Å"Evacuation Order #1 9† which is about a Japanese-American family and the internment camps that affect them during World War II. We will write a custom essay sample on Racial Prejudice or any similar topic only for you Order Now However, prejudice is not only found in the United States. Marine Satraps writes about her experience as an Iranian during the Iranian Revolution of 1979 and her refuge in Austria to finish high school In the graphic novel â€Å"The Vegetable†. While â€Å"Evacuation Order #19† Is about exclusion and â€Å"The Vegetable† Is about acceptance, they both deal with the pre]delude associated with Immigration. It Is hard to compare apples and oranges, just as it is hard to compare a short story and a graphic novel. Regardless of the style of writing, the point of writing is to convey a message to the reader. Both do a pretty good job of showing the difficulties of living in a foreign country, but Toasts describes the exclusion associated with immigration in a more powerful way. Evacuation Order #19†³ by Julie Toasts is about a Japanese-American family living In California In the spring of 1942. After the Japanese bombed Pearl Harbor In December of 1 941 , rumors began spreading around the united States that Japanese- Americans were going to sabotage military efforts. President Roosevelt issued an order that would imprison nearly 120,000 people with Japanese ancestry. The characters in â€Å"Evacuation Order #19† are being affected by this order. The family had assimilated into the community before President Roosevelt issued the order. We understand that the mother has a friendly relationship with the store owner Joe Lund. Melee Glasses,’ Joe Lund said the moment she walked through the door† (Toasts 381 This shows that the family assimilated Into the local society because the shop owner comments on something new he sees with her. Joe Lund even offers that the mother does not have to pay for the items she purchased from the store. The reader is led to infer that the family has been a part of the community for a long time and they are nice people that wouldn’t do anything to harm the country. As the story concludes, we see that the family is being taken to â€Å"wherever It was they had to SGF’ because of their race and the family cannot do anything about It. The exclusion that is imminent on the family is a direct result of racial prejudice. â€Å"The Vegetable† by Mar]Anne Satraps takes place in the late asses or early 1 sass in Vienna, Austria and is about her own life. Marine Is Iranian and living without her parents as she attends school in Austria. During the late ass, Iran was going through a large scale political and social revolution. The revolution became violent in many tuitions, In fact in January of 1978 students began to protest and many students died during the protest. As a reader of â€Å"The Vegetable† we don’t know the nationality of Marine until page 482 when she sees stories about Iran on the TV and she talks about her attempts to â€Å"make her past disappear† (Satraps 482). We do not really see her being excluded or treated differently because of her nationality by the other students. It seems that she does not accept herself as she is constantly changing the way she looks and that she smokes marijuana with some of the other students. As and makes the comment about trying to disappear. In the end when she proclaims she finally relinquished the prejudice that she put on herself. The exclusion Marine feels is because of her race but also because she put herself into a situation where she feels excluded. Both stories show that the characters are capable of assimilating into the new culture and by the end the stories, racial prejudice has an effect on their lives. Evacuation Order #19†³ shows very clearly that the characters are being excluded based on racial prejudice where The Vegetable† implies that part of the exclusion is because of other factors, and not necessarily her race. The reader develops a stronger emotional feel for Tossup’s characters because you feel bad for the situation they are in. To truly understand how a character is feeling, one would have to look at the choices or decisions that the character makes. The characters in these two stories both feel excluded, and the actions that they decide to take, show the extent of the racial prejudice. Julie Toasts writes about a mother who spends the entire day caking her house before her family and she are taken away. The degree of racial prejudice that she felt caused her to have a very emotional day. Not only did she pack away all of her belongings, she had to put down their dog, release their bird and hide sentimental objects and after hiding her emotions as to not scare her children, she finally has one last moment in her home to reflect on her emotions. â€Å"†¦ And began to laugh – quietly at first, but soon her shoulders were heaving and she was gasping for breath. She put down the bottle and waited for the laughter to stop but it would to, it kept on coming until finally the tears were running down her cheeks† (Toasts 386). Her emotions took over and she lost control because of the racial prejudice and what it made her do. Marine in â€Å"The Vegetable† felt such a strong exclusion from her racial prejudice that she decides to lie about her nationality to a stranger at a party. She wanted to disappear from her past because she was tired of being Judged based on where she is from. After Marine proclaims that she is proud to be Iranian, she starts crying. But really, I had nothing to cry about. I had Just redeemed myself. For the first time in years, I felt proud† (Satraps 485). She felt so relieved that the weight of racial prejudice was no longer affecting her and she began to feel more comfortable. The actions that the characters perform in these stories show the power that racial prejudice put on them. The mother’s actions in â€Å"Evacuation Order #19† are a bit more extreme than Manner’s actions in â€Å"The Vegetable† and because the actions are more extreme, the reader can’t help but feel more empowered by Tossup’s story. While both Julie Tossup’s â€Å"Evacuation Order #19† and Marine Satrap’s â€Å"The Vegetable† have powerful effects on the reader, Toasts writes a more powerful story. She effectively shows the exclusion caused by racial prejudice and the effect it had on families during this time. â€Å"The Vegetable† has a confusing message because we are not sure if the stress she feels is from racial prejudice or if it is because of a teenagers desperate desire to feel included where â€Å"Evacuation Order #19† has a very clear and strong message of racial prejudice that makes the reader feel for them more. How to cite Racial Prejudice, Papers

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Marketing & Management Social Gatherings and Traditional Customs

Question: Discuss about theMarketing Managementfor Social Gatherings and Traditional Customs. Answer: Introduction: Events have formed an important aspect of human civilization without the coining of the term. The social gatherings, traditional customs involving the gathering of people at a single place such as marriages and bar mitzvahs could be considered as examples of events. The evolution of different types of social gatherings for distinct purposes such as corporate events, product launch events and fundraisers indicates the requirements for complying with the marketing requisites adopted for a particular event (Preston, 2012). The following report clarifies the definition of special events and the relevant categories which are associated with varying purposes (Bowdin et al., 2011). The case study of Notting Hill carnival as a special event in the report enables a clear understanding of the scope and outcomes of marketing in events as well as the significance of marketing mix in strategies for event marketing. Furthermore, the report also illustrates a cognizable impression of essential conc ept such as planning and control in context of Notting Hill carnival. Finding and Analysis Definition and Classification of Special Events: Special events also form a category of events and are defined as functions or social gatherings on specific occasions for the purposes of fundraising by communities or non-profit organizations involved in the event. The classification of special events into distinct categories also dictates a cohesive interpretation of special events and the varying levels of complexity associated with different special events. Special events also require the integrated application of marketing concepts which can obtain substantial attendance at the event alongside ensuring reasonable returns expected by the organizers (Chiu, 2014). The primary objectives of special events include accomplishment of publicity, financial returns, and awareness related to public issues, recognition of people, realization of cultural perspectives or creating reputation as a base for fundraising events in the future. The different types of special events include dinners, grand openings, fairs, functions and carnivals. The se events are solely associated with distinct purposes such as functions which could include fundraising activities for support such as auctions. Grand openings also contribute to the awareness among people of a community (de Oliveira et al., 2013). Scope and Impact of Marketing and Events: The Notting Hill Carnival signifies a major cultural event in London and has been considered as an annual event by the local population since 1966. The carnival takes place in August on the bank holiday on Monday and the preceding Sunday. The event is organized by the London Notting Hill Carnival Enterprises Trust comprising of chairperson, arena directors, non executive directors, trustees and staff members. The scope for marketing in the Notting Hill Carnival can be verified from the analysis of vision and mission statement of the trust. The long term objective of the trust is vested in transforming the perception of international, local and national audience towards the carnival (Gilliland et al., 2013). The methodology applied by the trust in the carnival reflects the mission statement which aims at utilization of carnival art such as entertainment, education and artistic excellence in a coherent fashion for accomplishing desired objectives. Figure: Notting Hill Carnival Source: (Gerritsen van, 2014) The Sunday parade is the next event in the Carnival which showcases prolific stage performance and a vibrant display of children dressed in creative costumes. The Sunday parade is also characterized with dancing on the streets in the carnival. The final Monday parade event includes dancing by a wide range of groups dressed in assorted costumes and music performances live on stage (Gerritsen van, 2014). The Monday parade also includes services of additional activities and food. The cultural significance associated with the event as well as the implications of the carnival on local community provide appropriate scope for marketing of the carnival. Role of Marketing Mix in Event Marketing: Marketing mix is defined as the cumulative integration and application of four distinct element related to an organization. It has been a crucial resource for accomplishment of the marketing objectives of an organization. Event marketing could also derive the required efficiency through implementation of marketing mix effectively in the special events. Product, price, placement and promotion are the four significant elements of marketing mix and are considered as major contributors to realization of organizational success (Getz Page, 2016). Therefore moderated application of marketing mix in special events could also result in success of the event and accomplishment of objectives preferred by the organizers (Harmeling et al., 2015). Figure: Marketing Mix Source: (Harmeling et al., 2015) Product of an event could be defined from the nature of event. For example, a grand opening is a special event in which the product is the new product or service being launched. Therefore the attendance of the event is based on the product. In case of Notting Hill carnival the products include music performance live on stage, chivalrous parades of people dressed in colored and flamboyant outfits as well as the excellent art depicted on the streets in the form of dance by different bands on the day of the final parade (Hatfield, 2016). The price of a product also determines the attractiveness of the product and in case of an event the price is a major determinant of success. People from the middle income level would feel restricted to attend events which are prized way above their capacities and it may go against their social philosophy. In Notting Hill Carnival, the events are free for everyone to attend and therefore the price aspect for marketing the carnival does not present any f ormidable obstacles (McKelvey Longley, 2015). The promotion aspect of Notting Hill Carnival has to be addressed through online promotions and increasing awareness about the underlying initiatives of the event. Furthermore, the carnival could capitalize on public perception as it has been preferred as a sign of London culture. Finally, the place in marketing mix could be realized by expansion of the carnivals footprint and improving the local community infrastructure for catering a wider attendee base (Mair Whitford, 2013). Planning and Control in Notting Hill Carnival: The scope for realization of marketing concepts such as planning and control appears to be a mandatory inclusion in the requirements of marketing plan development. The planning aspect of Notting Hill carnival can be defined from the three distinct dimensions of competitive strategy, positioning and target markets. The competitive strategy which could be implemented in case of Notting Hill carnival refers to the delineation of government objectives in context of the event and thereby identifying the necessary resources, infrastructure, programs, policies and staffing. The target market for Notting Hill carnival is vested in the youth which could be attracted to the national steel bands and live onstage music performance by renowned bands as well as the glorious depiction of carnival arts (Pan, Snyder Sun, 2015). The target audience could also include foreign individuals with a knack for the arts which provides substantial prospects for international promotion of the event. The positi oning of the event is also a notable aspect required for success of the event. Notting Hill carnivals positioning is dependent on the promotion activities which take the event to the people. The programs of the Notting Hill carnival trust for ensuring stewardship i.e. training of candidates for the carnival arts. These activities pose a considerable advantage for the carnival due to access to the desired market segment (Rogers Davidson, 2015). The concerns for control in the Notting Hill Carnival have to be realized through monitoring and evaluation alongside risk management. The organizers could take care of the control aspect of the carnival by monitoring the marketing activities on a recurrent basis prior to and throughout the carnival. Execution of necessary phases of the event and the implementation of planning stage precisely in the event are also reviewed by the organizers of the carnival i.e. Notting Hill Carnival Enterprises Trust. Risk management is considered as an integral aspect of the marketing concepts associated with the marketing plan for the carnival (Tinnish Mangal, 2012). Risk management is primarily required for limiting any sort of detrimental behavior from the public, safety arrangements and compliance to government regulations during the execution of the event. Furthermore, the risk management for the carnival must include checking of the food quality served in the carnival according to local commu nity regulations and national standards for food certification (Rogers Davidson, 2015). Conclusion: The report essentially focused on the review of special events and relevant marketing practices which can be used to improve productivity of the events. The case study of Notting Hill carnival was assumed as an example of special event and the distinct aspects of marketing such as marketing mix and marketing planning were illustrated comprehensively in the report. The definitions provided in the report drew references from core literature on marketing in business management and event management for generating a comprehensive impression of marketing concept in event marketing. The perceived outcomes of marketing and the opportunities available for the organizers of special event could be understood from the report through the review of individual events in the Notting Hill carnival and the relevant marketing implications associated with them. Finally, the report concluded that application of marketing concepts in context of special events must be largely dependent on the specific mark et segments and scope for sustainability in order to facilitate the required success for a special event. References Bowdin et al. 2011. Events Management. 3 rd Edn. New York, Routledge. C.A.Preston 2012. Event Marketing. 2 nd Edn. New Jersey, Wiley. Chiu, Y.Y., 2014. A Study of Satisfaction Towards Event Marketing Audience Participation and Urban Identity-Examplified by the 2013 World Sports Dance Conference. de Oliveira, L.M.R., Mazzei, L.C., Rocco Junior, A.J. and Csar, F.S., 2013. Shares perspectives on sports marketing school events: a study of brands and sponsorship. InRevista Intercontinental de Gesto Desportiva(Vol. 3, No. Suppl. 1, pp. 70-82). AIGD-Aliana Intercontinental de Gesto do Desporto. Gilliland, C., Burke, V.C., Klawikowski, D., Cumberland, M., Khatkhatay, A.A., Varghese, A., Bhattacharjee, R. and Das, V., Sears Brands, LLC, 2013.Systems and methods for creating and managing marketing applications, events, promotions, and publications. U.S. Patent Application 13/757,485. Gerritsen, D. and van Olderen, R., 2014.Events as a Strategic Marketing Tool. CABI. Getz, D. and Page, S.J., 2016.Event studies: Theory, research and policy for planned events. Routledge. Harmeling, C.M., Palmatier, R.W., Houston, M.B., Arnold, M.J. and Samaha, S.A., 2015. Transformational relationship events.Journal of Marketing,79(5), pp.39-62. Hatfield, L.M., 2016. Sponsorship in marketing:: Effective communication through sports, arts and events.Journal of Sport Management,30(1), pp.97-98. McKelvey, S. and Longley, N., 2015. Event-specific ambush marketing legislation for mega-sporting events: an economics perspective.International Journal of Sports Marketing and Sponsorship,16(5), pp.20-35. Mair, J. and Whitford, M., 2013. An exploration of events research: Event topics, themes and emerging trends.International Journal of Event and Festival Management,4(1), pp.6-30. Pan, W., Snyder, N.D. and Sun, W.J., Linkedln Corporation, 2015.Inferring contributions of content to marketing events. U.S. Patent Application 14/700,898. Rogers, T. and Davidson, R., 2015.Marketing destinations and venues for conferences, conventions and business events(Vol. 14). Routledge. Tinnish, S.M. and Mangal, S.M., 2012, October. Sustainable event marketing in the MICE industry: A theoretical framework. InJournal of Convention Event Tourism(Vol. 13, No. 4, pp. 227-249). Taylor Francis Group.

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Quantitative Easing free essay sample

A critical review of quantitative easing and its impact on the UK economy Research proposal â€Å"A critical review of Quantitative easing and its impact on the UK’s economy† Research background (Theory, concepts, Key issues, problems and researchable questions) Theory- During the recession flow of the money in the market is very less, hence central bank lend the money to the borrowers at low interest rates, but there is limitation they cannot go beyond zero percentage, hence central bank do â€Å"Quantitative Easing† that is printing of money and boost the money into market by purchasing the assets and buying the gilts or government debts. Concepts- the main concept behind the Quantitative easing is to boost the money into the market and keeping maximum inflation rate targeted 2 pc by BOE with relative growth in GDP and stop quantitative easing when inflation reaches the maximum limit and withdraws the money from the market by selling the assets and gilts. We will write a custom essay sample on Quantitative Easing or any similar topic specifically for you Do Not WasteYour Time HIRE WRITER Only 13.90 / page Key issues and problems- The main issue is UK Economy is not recovering even after boosting 200 billion pounds with the interest rate 0. 5%, inflation also noticed about 3. 1% and GDP under contraction of -5. 2% in year July 2009. the question is whether monetary policy of BOE is correct? The problem is government is planning to put more 25 billion to 50 billion in 2010 and inflation rate increases if printing more money and pound loses its value against dollars and Euros . When the QE will end? Will the bank losses if QE stops? Research objectives- In this secondary research report I am going to find out why UK economic is not recovering, what are the factors hold the growth, what are the government next steps in QE or any other alternative solution to QE, how much time it will take to recover and when it will end. This will give me depth knowledge about QE and future planning of BOE on UK economy. I will use conclusive descriptive research method to ensure my research objectives. Research questions- 1. What is effect of QE on inflation and deflation? 2. Does inflation and printing of money affects the value of currency or exchange rates? 3. Is printing of money reliable? 4. Will quantitative easing work in UK? 5. Is UK economy recovering by QE? 6. What are the alternative ways to improve UK economy? 7. Is monetary policy of BOE is effective? 8. When QE ends in UK? 9. Will banks in losses when QE ends? Literature review- According to the special reports by actionforest. om published in their websites on March 08, 2009. Bank of England has announced quantitative easing in order to overcome the recession and improve the UK economy. BOE has decided to put 150 billion pound into the market through quantitative easing i. e. printing of money. They have decided to buy assets of 50 billion pounds, commercial bond gilts of 75 billion pounds. They have cut down the interest rate almost to 0. 5pc and targeted to keep the inflation rate 2pc. Authors has research on the impact of quantitative easing on the inflation and growth i. e. GDP rate. As per the research it has been seen that increase in money supply and reduction in the interest rate to 0. 5pc inflations increases and the value of pound goes down against the dollars and Euros. The author has used quantitative conclusive research method. â€Å"The fear of printing too much money† article written by Chris bowl of BBC radio current affairs, published on 5th march, 2009. Mr. Darling chancellor of UK said that â€Å"emergency money printing conjures the most disturbing of ancient and modern anxieties of politicians ruining a currency, and there by utterly undermining a societys stability. (Chris bowl, 2009). As per Mr. Darling now days nobody prints money it is just done electronically. Fear factor of Printing of money is the inflation and value of currency goes down. The great example is the Zimbabwe who has printed the money without any quantitative easing policy and resulted in hyper inflation of 230 million percents. Bank note of 100 trillion was printed which has no value. Similarly in Germany hyper inflation happens in year 1920. It’s lesson from the history about avoiding too much printing of money. Authors have used qualitative exploratory research method. Matthew Lynn economist explains â€Å"four ways to pull an economy out of the recession† in his article published in their websites arabianbusiness. com on 25th November, 2009. Author has research on the UK economy and found that GDP growth is negligible i. e. 0. 4 pc drop noticed in Q3 results. He found that policy of the UK government is not working as already 200 billion pounds already boosted into the market. He suggested UK government has to change the policy in order to recover recession. UK economy is stuck in the borrowing and debts. House hold debts are highest amongst all other countries. It has highest debts last year 14. 8 B pounds noticed in September. According to the research it has been seen that government is printing money and increasing banks reserve and landing money at lowest interest rates still there is no change in economy. Value of pound is also lowering compares to euro and deficit of the debts are also high. According to author he suggested four ways to improve economy â€Å"It must curb the budget deficit, support the pound, stop printing money, and cut taxes. † (Matthew Lynn, 2009). Author has used quantitative data and research method is conclusive descriptive. Chris Giles article â€Å"To be continued QE or not to be continued QE† published in financial times on 4th November, 2009, financial times. Economist questions whether QE will be extended by the BOE or they will stop. As per his research and the views of the other economist BOE is going to boost more money into the market in next three months of 2010. In his research he finds why there is uncertainty in the monetary policies adopted by the UK. Banks are creating the money and landing in the market but it doesn’t mean that it will help in QE. Ending of QE is depend when MPC (monetary policy committee) realise it’s enough, which is based on the inflation and GDP growth. Bank unsure about their capacity on boosting a money, as per the analysis rise in the inflation above the targeted 2. 0 pc has been noticed which shows there is no scope for QE otherwise it will result high inflation. Paul Fisher, the head of markets, suggested â€Å"There would still be a â€Å"quite a  significant† degree of spare capacity over the forecast horizon. † Author has used qualitative exploratory research method. Article of Jeremy Warner â€Å"Worried about the lack of growth not more quantitative easing. In telegraph news paper published on 02 Nov 2009. In his research he has explain the issue on â€Å"Is Quantitative easing helping to stoke a renewed and dangerous bubble in asset prices? This is just one of the questions the Bank of England must attempt to answer in coming days. †(Jeremy Warner, 2009). Author ha s given the answer ‘yes’. QE is all about the stoking of assets price, for growth and development bubbles in assets are not advisable but it is not dangerous until escorted by the leverage, use of the debts. â€Å"To bears, QE builds another house of cards on top of the debris of the old one. To bulls, QE is merely a way of kick starting a stalled engine so that normal economic activity can be resumed. † (Jeremy Warner, 2009). Author has used qualitative exploratory research method. Owen F. Humpage and Michael Shenk explain success of quantitative easing policy in their article published on 12th October, 2009. In his research he has explained how QE works to pull economy out of recession and the example is Japan. Economy slows down in 1995 as its facing the problem of deflation. After various actions Japan has introduced quantitative easing in year march 2001 to 2006,. BOJ has formulate three major policy of quantitative easing i. e. creation of money and increase the reserves of bank, keep interest rate almost to zero percentage and show the significant change in the bank’s balance sheet. According to the policy BOJ has planned to end quantitative easing when inflation reached to zero. They have more stressed on inflation rate rather than sticking to the zero bound interest rate and result in inflation increases rapidly but it does not make difference as they have recovered from deflation and they have stopped the QE when inflation is positive. The author has used quantitative conclusive research methods. Evaluation of methodological issues of literature and Methodology – Matthew Lynn, Action forest . com, Owen F. Humpage and Michael Shenk economist of Federal Reserve Bank of Cleveland authors of literature review have used quantitative data and they have used conclusive descriptive research method because they have given the evidence of analytical data and explained in with description, research is formal and structured and sample is large and representative. Chris bowl of BBC radio current affairs, financial time’s economist Chris Giles and Jeremy Warner economist of telegraph news paper, has used qualitative data in their research and method is exploratory because research is flexible and unstructured and data is not showing any description of analytical data. In this report I am planning to use quantitative data and conclusive descriptive research method as I need to see in depth about the debts of the BOE and detailed about the boosting of money during QE, interest rate , inflation rates, assets price, GDP growth over last 5 years and during QE. I want to find the reasons of UK economy not recovering, when it will end and find alternative way of QE. I want to use my finding as input for decision making. Types of the data and sources- I am going to collect the primary data for my all research questions, I will gather data from personnel interviews of representative or manager of the BOE and MPC (monetary policy committee), Economist interviews , electronic survey i. e. from internet and emails, electronic observation i. e. news on television and collecting interviews from newspapers and magazines. These methods will suites my research because it will give answer to all my research questions. My study is intended to generalisable as per my research question I will choose stratified sampling technique. Yet I have not visited any organisation government firm and no interviews conducted but I have planned to visit BOE and MPC to take the interviews of the mangers and representatives, I don’t have agreement for access from host organization as it is my academic research. Data gathering techniques- I will collect the data by visiting the BOE and MPC and interviewing representatives and mangers, collecting the company documents for the research by personnel survey, electronic survey on internet and through mails, and collecting the economist and experts view from their interview in newspapers and television. I have selected this technique because I can easily get the data relevant to my researchable questions and its suites to my questionnaire. I have not tried this method as pilot study. Data analysis – As my data is quantitative I have planned to use stat technique for e. . different charts like bar chart, histogram for showing comparative study of GDP growth rate, assets purchase and sales and national debts over before five years and line chart for fluctuation in inflation rate over the period of time for this have also planned to use computing software package SPSS which take less time and give quickest results . this will suites my research as it is quantitative des criptive, so the numerical data will be very high as it’s study on whole UK economy. Competence and plans for enhancements- I have adequate knowledge but I am not much skilled as compare to the research experts for various techniques I have planned for my research, as I am under academic study programme. I could not provide any evidence for my research skills. To achieve adequate standard and acquire necessary skills I have planned to go under training programme of researchers helping them as apprentice in their research and taking help of my college professors. I will meet the required standard and skills before beginning of my actual research. Examples-

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Free Essays on Computer Crime And Its Effects On The World

Computer Crime has become a very large issue in our society today; this paper will look at this issue from a sociological perspective. It will analyze the various crimes that make up computer crime and see what changes it has brought about in the world in which we live in. Computer crime first is a very new problem in our society today and it is crimes that are committed from a computer. These include embezzling, breaking into other computers, cyber porn and various other crimes that have a drastic affect on the society and the institutions that each of us hold to keep our global society running. To first understand computer crime one must understand first what crime is. According to Diana Kendall, â€Å"crime is a behavior that violates criminal law and is punishable with fines, jail or other sanctions†(Kendall 1999; 161). Yet since computer technology is so new it has really no laws to govern it. A law is formal norms that are enforced, norms being established rules of behavior. Many of the crimes committed on computers often times go unpunished. As stated by David Pitchford in the London journal Focus when writing on pornography on the Internet, â€Å" the only way illegal pornographers can be caught is through chance leads, tip-offs and telephone tracing† (Focus 1995; p10-12). Many of the crimes that are also committed on computers via the Internet are very new also. New subcultures have formed around the Internet for the possibilities it brings. Computer crime despite the many problems it has brought has also brought some needed social controls to the Inter net and as stated before some laws have been formed to protect many of the institutions that because of computer crime have become targets for criminals. Body Now that I have briefly explained computer crime, I will go into further depth into explaining computer crime from the different sociological perspective theories. To start with is the integrationist perspective looks a... Free Essays on Computer Crime And It's Effects On The World Free Essays on Computer Crime And It's Effects On The World Computer Crime has become a very large issue in our society today; this paper will look at this issue from a sociological perspective. It will analyze the various crimes that make up computer crime and see what changes it has brought about in the world in which we live in. Computer crime first is a very new problem in our society today and it is crimes that are committed from a computer. These include embezzling, breaking into other computers, cyber porn and various other crimes that have a drastic affect on the society and the institutions that each of us hold to keep our global society running. To first understand computer crime one must understand first what crime is. According to Diana Kendall, â€Å"crime is a behavior that violates criminal law and is punishable with fines, jail or other sanctions†(Kendall 1999; 161). Yet since computer technology is so new it has really no laws to govern it. A law is formal norms that are enforced, norms being established rules of behavior. Many of the crimes committed on computers often times go unpunished. As stated by David Pitchford in the London journal Focus when writing on pornography on the Internet, â€Å" the only way illegal pornographers can be caught is through chance leads, tip-offs and telephone tracing† (Focus 1995; p10-12). Many of the crimes that are also committed on computers via the Internet are very new also. New subcultures have formed around the Internet for the possibilities it brings. Computer crime despite the many problems it has brought has also brought some needed social controls to the Inter net and as stated before some laws have been formed to protect many of the institutions that because of computer crime have become targets for criminals. Body Now that I have briefly explained computer crime, I will go into further depth into explaining computer crime from the different sociological perspective theories. To start with is the integrationist perspective looks a...

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Firms, Markets and Business Management Case Study

Firms, Markets and Business Management - Case Study Example of Australia decision on the dollar will have a vast impact on the financial market and the overall trading in the country, including demand and supply of imports and exports. The appreciation in Australian Dollar will impact the consumer rates of trading accordingly creating a higher spending ability of the people; hence, higher demand for products. The expected decision thus, to appreciate the Australian dollar will in result give consumers spending power, creating demand for products including from the whiskey firm. The whiskey firm will have to provide ore supplies hence earning more revenue and profits. The appreciation of the Australian dollar will target the inflation rate, as an expression to achieve over a period of years. Thus, in implementing the decision taken, the Australian Reserve Bank will seek to facilitate a flexibility for the policies that account for the short term impact on the consumer and producer as well as the overall economic growth (Australia , p 17, 2015). Thus, the trading course in the country with respect to the will Australian dollar changes will create a demand for supplies hence a steady curve for the trading engagements for the whiskey firm. In recent developments within the U.S., the U.S. Dollar has gained remarkable ground in trade, sparking an upward growth of the dollar. The effect resulting is global investors stashing money into the economy giving the dollar more muscle for trading against the other currencies. Consequently, the U.S. Dollar as it gains grounds for stronger trading and higher rate, the impact is on the global investors that export their products into the country (Valentine, p 14, 2012). The established implications for the higher dollar include that, the company that generates revenue from within the country have better competitive advantage against the local companies trading in foreign markets. Translating the profits back to the Australian Dollar will notably benefit this Australian whisky firm